This competition is open to undergraduates who have not obtained a bachelor's degree from universities in mainland China, Hong Kong, Macau and Taiwan. It focuses on the basic knowledge and skills of mathematics in the undergraduate stage.


1.Individual competition

The competition is divided into six subjects: Geometry and topology, Algebra and Number Theory, Probability and statistics, Applied and Computational Mathematics, Analysis and partial differential equations and Math Physics. Each student can register for multiple subjects (1-6).

2. Team Tournament

Five students from the same college or university form a team to participate in five subjects: Geometry and topology, Algebra and Number Theory, Probability and statistics, Applied and Computational Mathematics, and Analysis and partial differential equations,and can choose whether to enroll 1 additional student in the mathematical physics. One team member is responsible for each of the 5-6 subjects, and each team member is only allowed to represent the team in one subject.

Students who sign up for the team competition must sign up for the individual competition first.

The team competition score is the sum of written test scores of 5 team members in individual competition.


February 15 - June 15: Individual or team registration. Please register and submit information online. Registration URL:

July: Semi-final written test. Test sites: Tsinghua University, Peking University, AMSS of the Chinese Academy of Sciences, Henan University, Fudan University, Harbin Institute of Technology, Wuhan Institute of Physics and Mathematics of Chinese Academy of Sciences, Hunan Normal University, South China University of Technology, Nanjing University, Shandong University, Northwest University, Southwest University, Xiamen University, Zhejiang University , Southeast University, University of Science and Technology of China, Chinese University of Hong Kong, Taiwan University.

Mid July: Announcement of the Shortlist of Finals

August: Finals. Venue: Tsinghua University 

Award Setting

The Contest set three categories of Awards: Individual Award, Individual all-round Award and Team Award. Each category set three levels of Prizes: Gold Medal, Silver Medal and Bronze Medal.

∙ Individual Award: According to the subject, the award names are Hua Award, Chern Award, Chow Award, Xu Award, Lin Award and Math Physics (TBD) respectively. Each subject set one Gold Medal, three Silver Medals and six Bronze Medals.

∙Individual Overall AwardReward students who have excellent comprehensive ability and won at least two prizes greater than or equal to Bronze Medals in Individual Contest. This award is named Shing-Tung Yau Award.

∙ Team AwardReward the top 5 teams (5 students as a team).

※ The final number of awards is subject to the selection situation of the year.

 Exam Syllabus

Syllabuses on Algebra and Number Theory.pdf

Syllabuses on Analysis and Differential Equations.pdf

Syllabuses on Applied Math and Compu Math.pdf

Syllabuses on Geometry and Topology.pdf

Syllabuses on Probability and Statistics.pdf

Syllabuses on Math Physics.pdf

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